Blue and Grey Today

There have been many rumors going around campus this week with the recent article that Blue and Grey Today reported on about the class banners.

We originally reported on this story before spring break, but the paper was only recently distributed just this past week. There might have been changes within that time since we reported on the banners. That being said, we do our best to continue updating that story, along with others, as new information is decided and announced.

On behalf of the student newspaper, I take full responsibility for every issue published. The Blue and Grey staff works very diligently to make the best calls as journalists and work their hardest to report on upcoming stories. For The Blue and Grey, individuals are not required to be communications majors to write, they only have to have an interest in writing, or a desire to publish what they think is important. This allows any student the chance to be a part of the Hood College student newspaper. We encourage many students, of all different majors, to join the paper. Some members of the Executive Board read every article before it is published to make corrections that seem fit for the paper. If there is a problem within that issue, we do our best to make corrections for the following issue. We also update our website daily.